RS2 Mobile data can't be turned on

I get the same problems with ReachRS2 (firmware v2.22.7 - SIM card with 3G):

  • the swich off/on in mobile data menu doesn’t work.
    I can’t reflashing to the firmware v2.22.5 because it is not available for me.
    I am ready to send you a full report
    Please let me know a solution

Hi Marco,

I’ve separated your comments so that we don’t get confused with the information in another thread.

It’d be great if you could share your Full System Report with me in PM so that we can take a closer look. Also, could you please specify what mobile operator you use?

Hey there,

Just wanted to give you a little update on this. I’ve received the Full System Report from Marco. Currently, we’re investigating what could be preventing the turning on of mobile data.

Hi Marco,

We’re working on fixing the issue with the mobile data enabling in the future firmware versions. At the moment, the only workaround I can suggest is working with another SIM card.

I’ll reach out once there’s any news about it.