RS2 Manual Coordinates from NGS Data Sheet

Do I just input the numbers from the data sheet? Also, do I have to transform the coordinates in any way for Pix4D. This is probably a basic question, but I am new to this industry.

Hi Juan,

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Do I understand correctly that you’d like to use this station’s coordinates in post-processing?

No, I want to use the coordinates as a known point for the base station. I think I figured that part out by inputting the coordinates into the base station. I placed the station about a mile away at a known point, but couldn’t get a fixed solution. So the journey continues.

Hi James,

That’s right. ReachView has a feature of manual input for the base station position.

To analyze what causes this issue, please, provide me with the following information:

  • photos of the setup
  • raw data log from the base and rover
  • position and base correction log from the rover

This guide should help you on how to get the files.

I’d also ask you to start a new thread or send all the data via on this issue to help us keep the discussion in this thread consistent.


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