RS2 LoRa range issue

I am absolutely having the same issues.
I only have RS2’s, so I can’t really test it with anything else.
But I can’t get anything over 100m with LORA this season. I have tried purchasing two new antennas, and there has been no change.
If I swap to pairing the base with my phone, I can use it with nTrip and it works perfectly.

I don’t know when exactly it started, but March seems about right.

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Actually, now that I think back, I have been suffering this issue for quite a bit longer than that. I was having issues almost a year before I just was in an urban area so I chalked it up to all the buildings that were around.

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I first reported the matter on this forum in January
If I remember, the problem had surfaced earlier but was not as noticeable. I mostly work on small sites so it would not be immediately noticeable.

Hi Grant,

As LoRa issues can be caused by different reasons, we would like to investigate each of the requests individually. Can you send the Full System report, raw data from the base and rover, and photos of your environment to I’ll look at them.