RS2 LoRa frequency range won't update

My RS2 base and rover have failed to update the LoRa frequency window while I am here in Italy. I could see 40+ satellites with both and was even able to collect RTK data with the radios communicating within the USA range (902-928MHz), but can’t connect to the RS3 because it has updated to operate within 865-867MHz. Anyone have this problem?
Operating with the latest firmware and have tried multiple restarts.

Hi Jason,

I’ve noticed your email and just answered you. Let’s continue our discussion there, and once we find the solution, we can share it here as well since it may be helpful for others. Thank you!

Hi Zoltan,
You were quite helpful. I discovered that the problem was my mobile phone. For some reason my mobile won’t connect to the internet when I am linked to the reach via WiFi. This has not been a problem in the past. I connected to the base and rover via a hotspot and the frequency range updated immediately.
Thanks for your help,

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