RS2 Lora Antenna

What is the resistance of the lora antenna when bending, internally does it have a rigid or flexible element?

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With patience I was able to disassemble the antenna, you can see where the thread broke. I also don’t see a collinear element for more performance! I think they should think about improving the Lora antenna. I thank Emlid for sending a free antenna.

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Can you post of a more close of shot of the antenna part itself? It looks almost like spring?

Since my iphone 7 failed, I can’t take good pictures with Redmi8. I will try a better photo

I purchased an external LoRa radio set from After upgrading to FW 2.24 it seems the RS2 LoRA system was the same as the external setup I purchased. I got 1.2km before signal loss and that was through multiple houses and trees. It would be nice to find an antenna that screwed in then folded upright (2 joints).

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Hey there,

I just wanted to say that the RS2 LoRa antenna has the same resistance specs as the Reach RS2 unit. It should be rather rugged.

Thanks You Polina

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