RS2 logging failure

Two days in a row now we have left an RS2 logging ubx over a known point only to return to no data. (in the past this has worked with no issue, upto and including last week)

Yesterday day 1, we set going, watched the logs start to count up in time, after coming back 6 hrs later, the logging screen showed logging off and no data stored.

Initially I thought we had been stupid and forgotten to turn on logging.

Today, two of us watched to make sure we didnt forget, we turned on UBX logging and watched the details of the logging grow in time and also file sizeā€¦

Upon returning to stop logging we found that logging had turned off and no data had been stored.

RS2 is on the latest firmware.

Whats the next best action?

Reinstall firmware with the reach firmware tool?


Hi @hairyape1,

May I ask you to specify the firmware version? Is it the latest stable version v2.22.5 or the latest dev version v2.23.7?

Do I understand correctly that you can see the logs start and grow in the Logging tab but after refreshing of the Logging tab there are no logs recorded?

Hi, I decided to refresh the firmware on the unit and it has behaved since then ok :slight_smile:

Hi @hairyape1,

Thanks for the update!

Feel free to contact us via or to create another community forum thread in case of any further questions.