RS2 logging 1hr behind


Am fairly new to world of GNSS and Emlid platform (software & hardware) and any guidance and assistance would be greatly appreciated.

As a trial run I had attempted to post-process base station coordinates using below work flow but I am encountering error which I think maybe linked to time stamp of RS2 logging. Before that I had surveyed base coordinated using RTK and it`s as below coordinates:

[Please ignore height for now as I did not set this up properly]

known base point:
Coordinate system: OSGB 1936


Coordinate system: ETRS89 Geodetic


Work Flow

1: Set up RS2 base over known point and logged about 26mins. At this point time was 19:49 however RS2 commenced logging at 18:49

2: Moving over to Emlid Studio I had imported RINEX file from RS2 base, NAVIGATION file from RS2 base, and RINEX file from ordnance survey CORS
*Please note RINEX data used from ordinance survey CORS time stamp was 1800-1900 in order to match time on RS2

  1. Following processing, coordinates were way off from known base point using RTK


Conversion using Grid InQuest 2:


I believe my issue may be linked to what was previously posted in the below post but I am not exactly sure

Hi Hussain,

Welcome to our forum!

The reason for the coordinate difference is that you’re processing the CORS log instead of the log from Reach. So you’re getting coordinates of the CORS station, not the Reach base.

You need to swap the logs: the CORS log to the Base tab, and the Reach log to the Static receiver. Then you can compare the Static solution with the RTK solution.

Hello Kirill,

it`s a pleasure to be here. And thank you.

typical rookie error, thanks again for your guidance.

after doing processing the correct way it appears I have meaningful results.

Hi Hussain,

I’m happy to help!

The results look impressive, the difference between RTK and PPK solutions is negligible.

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