RS2, It does not turn off

Hello everyone

When I try to turn off the RS2 it makes as if it turned off but after a few seconds it turns on again, I have 3 RS2 devices and only one is the one that does that.

Thank You

Hi Edgar,

Please share the Full System Report from your Reach RS2 with me in a private message. It can help us understand what’s going on.


I have already sended it


Hi Edgar,

Sorry it took so long to get back to you! We’re still investigating this case. May I ask you to re-upload your video from the initial post? It seems it’s unavailable now.


Thanks a lot!

Hi Edgar,

Could you clarify what happens if you try to turn the unit off using the ReachView app? It can be done in the Settings tab.

Hi Svetlana

It is the same, the unit tur on again.


Hi Edgar,

Thanks! We’re continuing the investigation. I’ll write you back once we find something.