RS2 issue with switching the internet connection

I’ve struck this same issue many times over the last 3-4 months with my RS2 units. Has happened to both my rover and base at different times. I often work in remote areas, with poor cellular coverage and end up using multiple cellular providers, hot spots from my phone or portal 4G wifi hubs, starlink to suit.

Very frustrating bug that didn’t exist in 2022 and has taken a lot of trial and error to resolve.

What I’ve found is that if you change the RS2 internet connection type, you need to restart the RS2 from inside the Emlid Flow App. Then everything magically starts working again.

So for example, I turn turn off mobile data on RS2 then connect it to starlink wifi (or any other wifi network/hotspot) - Corrections will not be received (no matter what you do).
But if I then restart the RS2 with the starlink wifi still active and the RS2 connects to the starlink on bootup - corrections will be received.

Hope that helps and I can now repeat this issue consistently with both my units.


Hi @FireTY,

Thanks for reporting!

Have you noticed whether this issue appeared after a particular update? What firmware version is currently installed on your RS2?

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Hi Liudmila

Both my RS2 units are running 30.1 firmware and I generally keep them updated to the latest stable version.

From memory I first started having trouble towards the end of 2022, so I guess firmware version 29.

Thanks for the details!

Just to make sure I understand you correctly: the corrections are received from the NTRIP service, right? What if you change the NTRIP address to the IP address instead of the domain name, does it eliminate the issue?

I understand that both of your RS2 units currently have firmware version 30.1, and you typically ensure they are updated to the latest stable version. Based on your recollection, it seems that you began experiencing difficulties towards the end of 2022, which suggests that the issue might have arisen with firmware version 29.

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