RS2+ hotspot over wired IP

I read somewhere on this forum that it is possible to have the RS2 use a USB2ethernet dongle and access the device over wired IP. Does that hold for the RS2+ too? And - if so - does this device act as a DHCP server handing out IP adresses in hotspotmode over this wired connection?

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It should be possible to connect RS2+ via a USB-to-Ethernet dongle and access over the fixed wired IP address. We’ve mentioned in the forum which dongle should work but since we don’t officially support certain models, I can hardly predict 100% how each one of them will work with the receiver.

Do you mean whether Reach will assign an IP address to the device that is connected to it via USB-to-Ethernet?

Hi Liudmila, thanks for your reply. My second question indeed is wether the RS2+ will assign IP adresses to connected devices over this USB2Ethernet connection. The idea is to use the Reach as hotspot to allow connected devices to get to the internet via the RS2+.

The alternative would be to use a “mifi” router that has the reach and our devices as clients. In that case the reach should accept an IP address from the external router over USB2ethernet.

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Got it! Let me discuss your question with the team to find out. I’ll post an update to this thread.


RS2+ should assign an IP address to the connected device, but we haven’t tested this configuration as it’s a fairly unique use case, so I can’t say for sure that it will work that way.

Thanks Liudmila - we’ll test and keep you posted

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That would be great, thanks!

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