RS2 GNSS SBAS signal support?

Does the RS2 not support SBAS signals?

GNSS Signal tracked:
BeiDou B1I, B2I
Galileo E1-B/C, E5b

The Reach/RS/RS+ has:
GNSS Signals:
BeiDou B1, Galileo E1, SBAS

SBAS is currently not supported, but the capability to simultaneously track GLO and BEI more than makes up for this!


Ok, thanks @wizprod

But does seem rather ODD as it wasn’t implemented as those extra sats could have been combined with GPS for a higher Update Rate in the USA.

Maybe it was felt as a limitation doesn’t help much to include them?

What sat combination provides the highest update rate of 20Hz? Just GPS? We’ll if SBAS was available that may make or break a FIX solution to retain 20Hz?

Just curious.

I think the addition of SBAS is a work in progress, so we might see it included at some point. Also, the 20Hz rate hasn’t been unlocked in the latest stable version of ReachView. At the moment, we can select 1Hz, 5Hz, and 10Hz and it doesn’t matter which constellations are enabled. It can be a minimum of GPS, or a maximum of GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, QZSS, and BEIDOU.


Thank you @bide


why do you think SBAS support is a work in progress? do you have a link to something stating this?

i have been off doing other things for a few months but i was under the impression the underlying receiver is a f9p in the RS2? the F9P does not support SBAS just like the 8p before it did not support SBAS.

I guess it depends what we mean when we say ‘SBAS’:

  1. In the context of an RTK base-rover pair, I take it to mean that the geostationary satellites could be recognized and could contribute observation data to the RTK engine to help provide the fix and also to hold the fix in the centimeter range.

  2. In the context of a standalone GNSS receiver, I take it to mean that the processing engine is receiving the geostationary satellite observations and also receiving the SBAS correction messages and applying them to get sub-meter accuracy.

I can’t imagine that either is impossible to do. More like ‘not yet implemented in software’, and my basis for that opinion is just that I am unaware of a limitation that might prevent it from working.

Now as far as the Reach units go, if we do get ‘SBAS’ support at some point, I believe it would be in the context of #1 which would support RTK usage.

If there is any hardware limitation, let it be known; I have not investigated it myself but no doubt others have.

I will give you no link, but I believe the initial idea for RS2 was to have SBAS support (for context #1), but it would have to be worked on.


yes there are two ways to use the SBAS satellites, (at least as far as WAAS goes to my knowledge), and on most Ublox receivers it is a simple thing to configure with ucenter.

i agree, actually that seems odd that the SBAS are not able to be added to the RTK mix currently. I was thinking along the lines of your #2 point as i have to revert to SBAS on the RS+ frequently as the range of LORA in canopy and canyon is pretty limited. so no SBAS corrections (your #2) on the RS2 = i am not interested in buying a RS2.


It’s probably not a dealbreaker for most… but it is rather odd it was omitted on such a premium product? I am waiting to buy a pair of RS2’s as I usually don’t jump on anything first version unless I absolutely need it.

Now remember, Emlid brought the RS2 to reality for us… so that IS VERY MUCH APPRECIATED! Everyone will always want more and MORE! ; )


This post seems to suggest the base code for SBAS support was removed from their firmware build for the F9P…

so for $20 bucks more for the ZED-F9T SBAS could have been had? Well, there ya go. But appears the ZED-F9P has more features. TRADE-OFFS. EDIT: Appears to be different altogether.

Looks like it’s dead in the water. Oh well.

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