RS2 FW 28.1 w/ RV3 Fix

I installed the update and now cannot acquire a fix from our provider. I am running 15 mask with 35 SnR on gps, glonass and galileo. PDOP is floating 1.5-4.0. I just can’t tell if it’s the software or the provider. The emerald software is reporting anywhere from 25 to 30 satellites and view but only 6-8 satellites actually providing corrections.

This is what I’m getting. Is it odd that the reach panel is not showing all the corrections?

…and now I have this but it’s still won’t fix.

I think that I have decided that it had more to do with the provider. I was installing an update to FieldGenius and as I was about to connect with it to the receiver I heard it go fixed and it is working fine now. RTKNET said that a few other customers had called in about this but the other hundreds have not, lol.