RS2 for sale

Have decided to wind down my drone mapping work, so am offering my Emlid Reach RS2 for sale with 2 meter rover rod and thumb release tripod. Bought the RS2 in August 2019, and it works great with the CORS network in S.C. Selling all 3 pieces as a package for $1500 OBO. I’ll pay packing, Buyer pays shipping and insurance. Contact Bob at

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Boy that’s a pretty good price ! We’ve got all Javad gear here (4- two LS’s and 2 RTK T2’s). I also have two M2’s for static. I just bought a used T2 over at the Javad forum last week. If I hadn’t done that, I’ve probably would have gotten your setup.

I had planned to ask more until E38 started an early holiday sale. If I haven’t sold it when their sale goes off in a couple of weeks, I’ll go to a broader exposure with a higher price.

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I’m in Lancaster SC, world famous “Enfinger Assoc” Professional Land Surveyors since 1972. We’ve been wanting to get into LIDAR but cost too prohibitive. We usually use Sanborn for any large photogrammetric projects. Good products, we’ve used them for about 30 years.

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Bryan – Please send me an email at at your convenience so I can reply directly. Would like to discuss your post. Thanks… Bob Russell

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