RS2+ for GCPs Using PPK not performing


I am trying to measure a small number of points using an RS2+ in PPK with base data from HEXAGON (UK). As I recall the base is about 10km from my location.

I have captured 2 points over a 15 min period with 5 mins at each point.

I have been able to capture RINEX logs and process but I don’t resolve a FIX on any points in Studio.

Any pointers and advice would be appreciated!


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Set your Glonass fix method to “Fix and Hold” instead of “On”

Will give this a go!


Struggling to find where Fix and Hold is hidding in the menu……

Found it in EMLID Studio…… a small improvement not enough though…

Can you post your raw-data for a repro?

Data in ZIP file available here (4 weeks from today on wetransfer):

There are 2 sets of base data (Virtual Rinex and Local Station).


Hi there,

The FIX solution was achieved by applying another settings in Emlid Studio and increasing observation time on each point.

We’re still continuing our conversation with Andrew via email. In case someone faces the same issue, don’t hesitate to create a new thread or write us to

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