RS2 Fieldgenius Windows Mobile 6.5

Hey folks,

Looking at upgrading my aging Topcon Hiper Ga. Does anyone have success working with an RS2 and Field Genius on their older Windows Mobile 6 device?


We ran the WM6 version before switching to the Android version and it was ok but I also remembered why I hated WM6.5 so much. I don’t know why so many developers haven’t made the Android or full Windows switch yet. All of our Topcon stuff has Windows 10 on it now which is nice because you can load a few other critical programs as well which allows us to leave our darn phones alone for a little bit. :slight_smile:


I use FieldGenios2 for Android on a $250 Samsung tablet, I cant faut the software, It ay however cost you a new licence. It may come down to a cheap tablet plus new licence V dedicated PDA that field proof its all in the numbers.

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