RS2 Fails Internal Test and Fails Flashing

How often do the Emlid units fail completely due to hardware issues?

My RS2 is failing an internal Test 2. Upon contacting customer support they advised to flash the unit. The flashing failed multiple times with multiple computers and cables. Customer service says it’s a hardware issue and there’s no fix and that I should buy another unit since the warranty is expired.

The RS2 unit was bought in November of 2021 (18 months ago). We use the unit lightly, about one day per month and it’s never been abused or dropped or flooded.

I’m having a hard time with spending another $2500+ for unit that only lasts for 18 months and is not covered under warranty. How many other people have had such quick failures of units? Is it bad design or workmanship? Are there other good RTK alternatives to buy instead that will give me longer life?

Thanks for your insights.

Hi Sean,

Each Reach receiver goes through comprehensive testing before being delivered. So, all the units that leave the factory should work fine. We also have many users who have been working with Reach receivers for several years since the devices’ release.

The test 2 failure can indicate physical damage the receiver got during the operation. Cases when Reach is damaged during delivery or something goes wrong during the factory tests can’t be completely prevented, but they are very rare. And we aim to reduce their number to zero. Also, such issues are visible right after delivery or during the first year of operation and can be covered with a warranty.

Still, we look into each situation separately. So, if someone else faces similar difficulties, please reach out to us via We’ll check how we can help.


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