RS2 external power

Can the RS2 be powered threw the USB-C connector or is it just for charging?

We sometimes use an external power bank to keep it running if it got low on internal battery. Works just fine.


I would like to know the answer to this as well. I plan to semi-permanently mount an RS2 as a base at a jobsite, and power it externally so that it is always on. This way, hopefully it’s as easy as turning on the rover and going to work, the base position always stays consistent.

I am not a surveyor, nor do I even have a pair of Emlids in hand to test this idea with. Would love to hear suggestions!

Best to power through the RS232 port if setting up semi permanent base
Cable kits like example below provide power from mains power or Car battery


This is how we do it but with portable power stations. There are less expensive ones but we have found that 250wH+ runs for 2 full days. Just plug in a wall charger.

296wH Power Station on Amazon


Hi everyone,

Thanks for your suggestions!

I’d agree with Noel: it’s better to use the external connector to power the unit permanently. You can check it’s specs here. To charge the receiver 5 watts is required. For operating 7,5 watts on average is required (10 watts maximum).

Also, with the external connector, you can set the receiver to start up and shut down depending on the availability of the power. This function is described in our docs as well.

Still, USB-C is a well-working connector :sweat_smile: You can both take charge from it and just operate on it. Your choice!


Need to find a suitable cord. Maybe one that can connect to a small motorcycle battery


That’s my life for the last 20 years across countless boxes of the ones you don’t need.

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If those connectors is a standard then I could use any brand.

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Thank you Polina. While I see the cable listed everywhere in Emlid’s documents as an RS-232 connector, the connection on the RS2 unit itself looks nothing like an RS232.

What is the correct connector (round, 9pin) that I need so I can build my own cable? Or does Emlid have these cables that I can purchase pre-made? I don’t believe USB-C cables will have the length I need to reach the unit.

EDIT: This is the connector I’m referring to -

And this is why I’d like to find my own connector/cable:

Hi Mark,

Reach RS2 bottom connector uses RS232 protocol. But the connectors are non-standard. That’s why we have a cable without the 2nd connector in our store for different integrations.

Regarding the cost, have you checked our dealers in your region? They may have this cable and lower shipping costs. Here’s the list.

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