RS2 download of RAW in a Gov. network setting?

Hi all, I would like to pose a couple of questions. First, the setup:

We presently operate approx 40 topCon Hyper Sr units to collect static points in the forest and use ppp to correct the data. The units are approx $9k a piece. You can see why we bought a couple of Reach RS2 units to test out.

My issues:

I cannot share or email or download any of the log files that are greater than the email maximum. I do not have a sim card in my unit and presently i connect to my personal cell phone with a hotspot active. I connect to the Emlid Reach unit using ReachView 3 on my work cellphone (also connects to personal hotspot).

What is the protocol or workflow to download larger log files that can not be emailed? I am in an office with no wifi and no sim card in the RS2 (secured Government wifi network only). I am on a workstation with no Bluetooth. I cannot even find within Reachview3 where files download to by default. I have searched my entire phone, no luck.

Say i have a 40mb ubx file that i need to get into my PC environment, what would you recommend the procedure be?

Thank you kindly for any insight anyone can provide!

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If you’re on Android and you have the issue where you cannot find an option to export a log file to a folder in your phone memory, you can try installing a third party file manager app.

I had the same problem and installed CX File Explorer. Then the option appeared in Reachview. From there if your agency doesn’t prohibit connecting devices through USB, you should be able to find the exported files in the phone memory and copy them to the PC.

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Thank You. That is a great suggestion. I was using the default Android file explorer and it didnt show up. I will try and report back. thx again.

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Hi Kyle,

Welcome to our forum!

It looks like the most suitable way is to download the logs on your local Android storage and then transfer it to a computer. The target download folder can be different depending on the Android build. However, in most cases, you can find it in My Files/Downloads or in My Files/Internal Storage/Download folders.

I agree with Gabriel regarding the usage of the file explorer app. Maybe, it’ll save your time since they are usually designed to be more user-friendly for locating the files on the smartphone.

Let us know whether you’ve tried this out!

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