RS2 doesn´t always connect to wifi

Hi, I am using an RS2 with FW v2.24.0 and have an issue, where the RS2 doesn´t always connect to the preconfigured wifi networks.

In the field I use the hotspot of my android phone and have to restart the unit if it doesn´t connect automatically. Unfortunately if I connect directly to the RS2s wifi, the ReachView app doesn´t recognise the device.

In the office while downloading data from the unit I have set it up to connect to the office wifi to access it form my windows PC. Also here sometimes it doesn´t connect and I have to restart the device.

This happens approx. 1 times out of 5, or so. My M2 unit stragely doesn´t have this problem with the same FW and connects every time.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Hi David,

Thanks for your patience!

Please, share the Full System Report with me in PM. It contains a lot of important logs for the network connection. It also contains sensitive information like your Wi-Fi password and NTRIP credentials.

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I’ve received your Full System Report, thank you! I’ll check it and get back with the news.

Maybe it might help, but I’ve noticed that when I use my particular phone (as opposed to other tablets), ReachView has trouble connecting with the receiver unless I deactivate BlueTooth on the phone.

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Hi David,

Thanks for your patience!

We’ve looked into your report. The situation with such connection issues is quite rare. That’s why it’d be helpful if you shared the following information:

  • How far is the unit from the router when you connect to the office Wi-Fi?
  • Is there any difference when you move the rover closer to the router?
  • Have you tried connecting your Reach RS2 to another Wi-Fi hotspot (e.g. one more Android/iOs device)? Is there any difference in the behavior?

Hi Polina,

The distance to the router unfortunately makes no difference. I can have it next to it, but also just outside the office.

I am also sometimes getting this problem out in the flied, when I use my Android phone as a hotspot.

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Hi David,

Thanks for the additional info!

We’re now discussing this with the team. I’ll get back to you once there is any news.

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I am also experiencing this issue with one of my units. They are both on the most recent dev firmware, my workaround is to use my iPad to connect to the hotspot then use the ReachView settings to connect to the wi-fi network. This happens frequently, say two out of three boots will not connect to the wi-fi network.

Hi Rory,

Is there any chance you have other networks to try to connect to? For example, your phone hotspot. Does the issue repeat with other networks?

Also, it would be helpful if you share the Full system report. You can PM me with it since it contains sensitive info.

Hi David,

We’ve recently released dev v2.25.2. There are improvements regarding the networking stack. Dev versions are mostly used for testing purposes. However, this one might resolve your issues. May I ask you to subscribe to the dev branch and check if it helps you out?

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