RS2 discharges quickly on cold

Centigrade or Fahrenheit?

Good point - I should have been more specific. Centigrade

Hi Matthew,

It’s more likely the issue of wrong battery status indication in ReachView.

May I ask you to send me the Full System report from the device in PM so I can make sure it’s the issue with displaying?

Hi Tatiana - just checking that you received the System Report?

Hi Matthew,

Sorry for the delayed response!

I’ve looked into the Full System report and examined the data recorded on December, 18. It looks like the device was working for 40 minutes, and then you turned it off. Is there any chance you did it at low ambient temperatures?

Then, according to the report, you turned on the device 20 minutes later. When the device was turned on, it showed a considerable drop in the state of charge percentage. However, the battery voltage level remained stable which means that the battery wasn’t discharged in accordance with the shown battery status, it’s just an issue with its displaying I mentioned earlier.

Thanks @tatiana.andreeva. The temperature was around 0 celcius. I did turn it off due to relocating in a vehicle, then noticed that the voltage was showing as very low.

Glad it’s just a display issue - do you have an idea of when this is likely to be fixed?


Hi Matthew,

We are currently looking into this behavior, but it may take some time to resolve. I am afraid we can’t provide any estimates now.

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I recently took my RS2 on a trip to Florida where the min temp overnight got down to approx. 35F , the RS2 were charged the previous day for approx. 24 hrs with a charger that is capable of the proper AMPS and voltage required by the RS2 as I use them on my Samsung note 8 that requires such power for fast charging. Upon getting to the site I immediately setup the base and then the rover to sit for about an hour while we laid out GCP’s. When I turned on both the units the ambient temp was 52F plenty warm enough for the units, but both battery indicators showed only 1 LED solid and the second was flashing, way way to low for just being charged the other day for 24hrs. We went out and laid out GCP’s and came back to find the rover had shut itself off. I failed to check and see the volts on each unit as time was a major constraint and things needed to get done. We were able to mark all of our GCP’s fine. I decided to pull a full system report from one of the units, honestly I am not sure if this is the rover or the base, I believe that it is from the rover (forgot to check which unit hotspot I was connected to!) We decided to let them run and see what happens and amazingly enough the battery LED’s eventually magically without being plugged in showed a full charge. I am extremely frustrated at how poorly these batteries are working or not. I have 2.22 (as 2.22.2 came out while in the field and I will not switch mid project) on them and still this issue persists, I am also frustrated at how poorly these charge or don’t show that they are charged fully. Why put a battery indicator on them when its totally worthless in its current state, yes I have seen that they are working on the “issue” but I am not entirely satisfied they understand the severity of the issue when you are in the field and the battery is now showing little to no charge and you charged them for 24 hrs and just turned them on. Here is the full system report from what I do believe is the rover (I Hope). (1.3 MB)

Please please EMLID fix this battery issue, it is causing trust and reliability issues with your products, which I love and like supporting innovative projects. This should be #1 priority as far as I am concerned as it has persisted from almost day 1 of the RS2 rollout.

Thanks for the report, Matthew. We will be looking into this shortly.

Any ideas whats going on with this issue, this was originally reported November 2019, and still has not been fixed or folks won’t admit the batteries in these units are junk! Took the units out again today on a project where we had to ski in and out, and what a surprise the battery was shit again on both the units!!!

As in the units shut down or the indication was off?

turned them on and the battery indicator flashed one led and they powered down!!! Again charged the night before for at least 18 hrs on a charger that is capable of the amps and volts needed to charge. woke up to see they were still flashing the last led before a full charge state. I have never never ever been able to get them to show a full charge on the LEDs ever. This was using 2.23 dev!

Hi Matthew,

I have summed up all the info we have for now on the issue and want to share it with you to clarify some points.

Reach RS2 battery status displaying issue

We have an issue with the wrong battery charge measurement on Reach RS2 device. The issue doesn’t affect the battery performance, however, it results in the wrong LED indication and charge status displaying in the app that indeed may be confusing. Still, you can check the voltage level instead of the battery percentage to make sure the device has enough charge to operate.

I understand that it may be frustrating to work with the device that doesn’t provide the correct battery status. However, the issue requires a thorough recalibration of the percentage measurement system on which we’re working know. Unfortunately, this can’t be done as fast as we’d like to.

Reach RS2 can’t be turned on when it indicates full drainage even if it’s charged

The issue indeed occurs. The good news is that this issue is already fixed and we’ll release the fix in one of the following dev updates. I’ll inform you once it’s pushed.


I just received info from a team in the field that is using our RS2 kit. They put the base down for 6h at -15°C, tranmitting over LoRa to the rover, and when they were done the batteries were showing over half capacity. So it seems the batteries are actually quite good.

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Just an update took the RS2’s out after letting them charge 6 days ago for 72hrs and they finally stopped blinking and the LED’s showed a full charge (yaaa finally!!) After they sat for 6 days in a temp controlled environment (68f constant) they only showed 3 LED’s charge status once turned back on, this in my opinion is not tolerable to show such a low charge after sitting for just 6 days again in a temp controlled environment. Emlid is this a display issue or a battery issue as the batteries in these units have been complete and utter junk!!!

Matthew, what about work time of the units? The issue you described is about battery indication. Tatiana’s already commented on it above.

I will not be taking these unit in the field after charging them to show full battery indicator just to let them sit for 6 days in a temp controlled environment and have the units show 3 LED’s charge status, no this is not similar to what she describe and does not act like a indicator issue it seems as though the batteries are discharging on their own way to fast without any load on them at all. If you had read from the above post I had finally gotten the batter LED indicator to show a full charge after leaving them plugged in for 72hrs, they then sat in my home which is 68f constant for 6 days off and in the case, took them out turned them on before a new project at home (as I don’t trust these units at all now) and the LED’s now showed 3 for the battery. What happen to the other LED’s that magically disappeared in 6 days. I also did not leave them on to see how long they would run as they failed my initial test to take them in the field so they were left behind and we used our RS+ units instead as we had connectivity and could use NTRIP with it. The RS2 I have are making good door stops as of now!

Hi Matthew,

We’ve released the v2.23.4 dev version with the fix for the issue I stated above:

Still, Reach RS2 can show the battery status incorrectly. However, it now shouldn’t affect the possibility to turn it on, even if RS2 indicates it’s discharged fully.

Also, I’d like to point out that we’re working on improving the battery status as well, but we felt that it was important to release this fix first.

This fix will make it into the stable branch in one of the next updates, but it could help us if you update your unit to v2.23.4 dev and confirm that it fixes this issue for you.

Thank you.

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