RS2 damping platform

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I am looking for a damping platform to use with RS2. I know RS+ has one but I didn’t found any for RS2. Do you think the RS+ damping platform can be used for RS2 with a thread adapter? I am also wondering if the LoRa extension cable (the one included with RS+ damping platform) is compatible.

What are your thoughts?

The RS+ dampening platform is not tuned for the weight and balance of the RS2, so no, won’t be working as optimal.

Are there any plans for a dampening platform for RS2?
I assume there are no third party ones available.

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Reach RS2 doesn’t require a damping platform. It is designed to perform smoothly without damping support.

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Glad to hear that, thank you!

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What type application are you using it on? I am looking at using an RS2 on a farm drainage tile plow. From past history with a Trimble Z Plus antenna we found that supporting it only with the 5/8" bolt, it would crack the plastic body of the globe due to vibration as the entire weight was supported on a small base. To compensate for this we used a piece of 6" PVC which supported the outer ring of the globe and resolved the issue.

I am considering something similar for the RS2 so the plastic body where the 5/8" thread adapter is doesn’t crack. They were very easy to make using only a saw and a dremel tool and extremely cost effective. I call it cheap insurance so you do not damage your instrument.


Good idea ,

I was thinking of using it on the roof of a tractor, should be less vibrations there then on a tile plow.
Anyway, better safe then sorry. Thanks for the tip!

I am looking at using a 4" piece on the RS2, I think the 6" diameter is too large. If I get it done, I will share a picture.

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