RS2 cycle slips on GPS L2


I was doing some testing over a monument checking some accuracies and when I reviewed the log the GPS L2 signal was absolutely full of slips;

other constellations did not seem nearly as problematic;

This led me to wondering if our unit had an issue but I repeated this test today and the logs look near perfect. This has been a dependable unit.

Has this happened to anyone else? I have some projects coming up that require OPUS reports so GPS sats really matter

Thank you for your time,

It looks like you have a lot of cycle slips to begin with. Can you give us some geographic coords to look at the observation site ?

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Lat: 36.0686368111

Long: -96.1204446306

I am also adding a link for the rinex. I typically log in ubx so this has already been through emlid studio

Anything change between 1st test and the 2nd?

If the High Voltage Powerlines to the east were an issue, should have been an issue for the 2nd test.

None that I can think of.
This unit has been in use regularly for a while and has performed as expected. I originally thought maybe there was an issue with the L2 satellites on that day, but logs from my RS3 (used as a rover) look great. no slips.

Hi @SmithProductions,

It’s strange only GPS L2 was affected by the cycle slip. We’ll investigate this.

Could you please record logs with your RS2 for at least 15 minutes? For this test, please enable the raw data debug option and send us the UBX file along with the Full System Report. Please ensure that you place your receiver away from obstructions and powerlines.

Since the data contains sensitive information, you can email it to us at Thanks!

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Thank you Ruth. Logging now and will email that over soon!

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Hi @SmithProductions,

I received the email. Please give us time to check the data, and I’ll get back to you.

Also, if anyone encounters the same issue, please feel free to create a new thread or email us at

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