RS2+ challenges with getting the internet from the SIM card

I bought two RS2+ recently and I faced same issue in both units. I was using a regular plan from “Jio” (India) for the internet (voice calls/data plan) but it didn’t work. Then I try with another service provider (BSNL) and it works well. The first company was using VoLTE technology for there service and that might be the issue.

Hi @sarojkumarss,

Thanks for sharing your experience.

In most cases, such issues are caused by incorrect settings for APN, data roaming, or authentication type. Since the other provider works, we can confirm that there are no hardware-related issues with your RS2+ receiver’s modem. If you’d like to investigate why the SIM card from Jio didn’t work, please generate the Full system report when this SIM card is inserted and send it to

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