RS2 BT issue

still cannot connect with note 20 plus still ongoing issues with my RS2 units when will you guys fix the bluetooth?

Hi Matthew,

We’ve thoroughly tested the Bluetooth setup with Reach receivers on the 28.1 Reach Firmware version. The connection is stable that’s why we’ve pushed this release.

The issues may look like they have the same symptoms. However, they usually have different roots. Especially the Bluetooth connection: the setup, configurations, firmware versions of all parties involved play defining role in the quality of the link. Also, the Bluetooth connection may be tricky to configure correctly. So there are a lot of cases where going through the configurational process with us helps to resolve them completely.

That’s why at the moment it’s hard to make any conclusions about the nature of your issues when we don’t have any info about your case. It’s essential that we have a full understanding of your setup and unit’s configurations so that we can help you. So let’s go step by step here.

Please describe your setup. What app do you output the position to? What kind of connection issue do you face?

Please give us more details about the ongoing issues you have with the receivers. Are they connected to the Bluetooth connection?

pretty simple using a note 20 ultra there is zero connectivity via Bluetooth. works fine with my other android units. also battery indicator light has never ever ever indicated a full charge no matter the time on charger and charger unit since it has been new out of the box. Emlid always says its firmware issue but I find it hard to believe since they have said they have updated firmware to solve this and has never done so! step by step is to follow your instructions for connection using note 20 ultra with zero connectivity via Bluetooth not sure what more steps you’d like me to explain.

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