RS2 Battery status "Undefined"

Hello everyone,

I have a weird experience with RS2 battery status.

  1. It takes very long to charge, more than 5 hours
  2. The battery status in the app is Undefined, as shown in the picture below

I have used the same charger as for the other RS2 (we have 2 of them) and the second one charges just fine and much faster.

Did you guys encounter something similar before?

Hi @Iosif,

You’re most likely working on the 26.3 firmware version. We had this “Undefined” issue there. You can just update your device, and it will go away.

5 hours is the normal charging time for Reach RS2. We usually recommend even more: around 9 hours. Your other unit may indeed charge faster, and it’s ok as well. But in general, we suggest charging the devices overnight.

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