RS2 Battery Self-Discharge

After a full charge and then powered off, my RS2 self-discharges to 67% after 24 hours. I haven’t found documentation about this if it is a feature, so wondering if it is a problem. If it is a feature, I would prefer to be able to control the parameters so that I can maintain full charge for at least a week or so.
If this is a defect please advise.

There is some kind of problem in the RS2 battery charging, so far I could not charge the battery 100% with more than 24 hours of charging. I hope you can fix it

It would be a the bug that incorrectly reports the percentage.

The battery voltage should be a good guide in the meantime.

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Mine is on the charger for 3 days now and only gets to 99 %

The screenshots are after more than 24 hours of charging

After 36h of being unpowered I am showing 6.63v and a reported state of charge = 60%.
LiFePo4 has a very flat discharge curve making it difficult to estimate SOC precisely. My best information shows that a value of 6.8v is 100% and 6.6v about 70%.
Therefore a voltage of 6.63v would be about 88.6% if this were a straight line.
It seems there may be a problem with the SOC table in the software, but I might also expect an actual voltage higher than that.

As for the 99% SOC, those voltages would indicate 100%, but it is annoying that the last light stays blinking so that the unit doesn’t indicate fully charged.


Hey everyone,

Thanks for your reports. Battery on Reach RS2 can’t discharge by itself so fast. Therefore, it’s very likely the issue is with how battery status is displayed in ReachView. We’ll fix this in the future releases

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Hi @sbm,

Please, send me the Full System report from this Reach RS2 in PM.

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