RS2 Battery Issues Revisited

I have three RS2 units, a base and two rovers. The base charges fine to 100% and works perfectly in the field, up to 24 hours in one instance. The two rovers also charge to 5 LEDs and indicate 100% in RV, but very often I take them out the case the next day and they are only displaying 3 LEDs and indicate about a 60% charge. One of them (the newest one) will only last for a few hours before shutting down, however when I put it back on charge it quickly goes up to 60% and reaches 100% in less than an hour. I have tried several different chargers and it is usually the same, does this indicate a faulty battery? The original rover from 2019 will discharge slowly in use, even though it indicates around 60%. All units are on v26.

We’re heading out on a four day topo and aerial survey collecting 100s of points, I’ll see how the batteries perform and generate a system report for the two rovers.

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Better bring an external battery backup with you.

My RS2’s also report battery levels all over the place and drop down to 3-dots after some use. I have seen them go back to 4-dots from session to session though. I have even seen them “fully” charge at 4-dots. Not just the RS2 but our RS+ units also had a habit of reporting power levels inconsistently. We use them a couple of hours each day and they pretty much last a week so no harm no foul yet and like @timd1971 mentioned also carry a little power pack. I like this one that can run the rover and my data collector if needed.

10,000mah Power Pack on Amazon


Yep, we have two 26,000mAh packs that keep things going, no use if it’s raining though! Left the house four hours ago with all three units fully charged, the older rover had three LEDs when I set it going just now, hopefully it will last a 4 hour observation.

Zip lock bag.

It’s not the battery, it’s having the port cover open on the RS2. In Shetland the rain can be horizontal and find it’s way into any opening!

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Ok, then bubble gum. ; )

Silly puddy.

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Hi Rory,

To understand the root of such battery indication, I will need to check the system logs. Please download Full System Reports from the rovers and send them to me. The reports may contain sensitive info, so I’d suggest sending them to

Reach RS2 is designed to work in harsh weather conditions, and all connectors are completely sealed. So, even with all flaps open, water will not get inside RS2.

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Thanks Kseniia, I’ve downloaded the log but as I said on the Facebook thread the unit seems to have sorted itself out after six full battery cycles. I have noticed the same with some drone batteries, it takes them a few charges to get to 100% capacity. We have had the unit switched on and logging for over 20 hours so think it’s sorted.

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Same happens to us with all devices. You can tell which ones sit on the shelf for a bit and which ones have not been recently cycled.

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Hi Rory,

Reach RS2 should not require several charges to reach 100% battery state. In case you face any issues with the battery state again, please send the Full System report from the unit to me in PM or via

Please note that if the unit is not used for a long time, it’s necessary to charge its battery to at least 60% every 3 months.

To prepare Reach RS2 for storage:

  1. Charge the battery to at least 60%
  2. Turn the device off by pressing and holding the power button for several seconds. Make sure that the device is turned off by checking that the power LED went out
  3. Store the device at room temperature

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