RS2 Battery from Factory

I’ve received a couple of RS2 units over the past couple months and am just getting around to opening them. Even after sitting for a couple of months, I was surprised at the discharge level. Both units were very low, I didn’t attempt to power them up yet but both had only a single light indicating charge. Is this typical and is full-discharge when powered down what everyone is seeing?


After charging the devices for couple of hours, do you see any progress, can you turn on the devices? I should say it’s quite typical for devices with batteries to discharge over time, it doesn’t affect battery performance.

Also, please make sure your units are updated to the latest stable firmware, we had some power management improvements in the recent versions.

If you store Reach RS2 for several months, please make sure you follow the directions from the Storage section of Reach RS2 user manual.

Thanks for the response Dmitriy. They are charging and I’ll update them after they fully charge. I just thought it was odd to be so low. As a point of comparison I have drone batteries that have sat for a year and still had almost the same storage charge remaining which made me wonder if they were fully charged before shipping or if that is not the practice.


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