RS2 battery and Bluetooth issues

I received a new RS2 rover and I am experiencing problems as well. First, battery dropping low extremely fast. Secondly, bluetooth with Google 6 is definitely not working in 28.4. I wanted to see how it does with the Lefebure App.
The only way the thing connects to the app is via hot-spot. In the app it says “Turn wifi off to save battery power”, which I don’t understand.

Thanks for your advice.

“Turn wifi off to save battery power” means exactly that, if you are not using the wifi connection or the bluetooth connection power can be saved by not enabling them. There are many ways to connect to the device, some do not require wireless connection after configuration.

How many indicator lights does your unit show after 24hrs of charging?

Have you been able to pair your device on the bluetooth page? Have you set up bluetooth as the port which you would like to send or receive corrections?

What is the end result you are trying to accomplish, sending or receiving corrections?

Thank you for your reply. The battery seems fine, it seems to be a connectivity issue. The google pixel 6 seems to have bluetooth standards the rover cannot handle.
The wifi connection is malfunctioning as well: I turn it on, it takes far longer than a minute, than a beep occurs, than finally the software shows the rover and connection is possible. With bluetooth, no way…
I wanted to use the bluetooth function for working with a GIS-app on the cellphone (so, trying to receive corrections)

I don’t have Lefebure but can try it on my Pixel 6 Pro with Fieldgenius.

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I would try an easy connection first to test corrections, get the RS2 connected to your homes wifi first.

Then go to the corrections input page and choose Ntrip, then enter your client credentials.

Once that is working you can log on to any other wifi source and you will know your NTRIP credentials already work and corrections will start.

The only reason I have used lefebure app was to pass corrections to a serial dongle before I had a rs2/m2. The emlid already has a Ntrip client so I did not need lefebure any more.


Hi everyone,

Thanks for sharing your updates and advice here!

@t-d, if you still doubt your battery, I suggest making sure you’re working on the latest 28.4 Reach Firmware and conducting a full battery cycle test. It will allow us to see the full cycle of battery life and assess whether there are any issues with it. How to do it:

  • charge the unit for at least 8 hours
  • turn it on
  • leave it working until it fully discharges
  • turn it on while putting it on charge
  • share the full system report with us via

Regarding the Bluetooth connection issue, we need to go here step-by-step to understand at which stage the issue occurs. We double-checked the connection on our office Google Pixel 6 and couldn’t reproduce the issue. So let’s see this.

Please check our guide here on Bluetooth connection with Android devices. Can you please specify at what stage the connection drops? What kind of error do you see in Lefebure app?

I’m not fully getting this, sorry. Do you not see Reach unit on your Wi-Fi network?

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