Rs2+ base with leica rover

I have RS2 and LEICA so if is possible to received correction from my R2 base to RS2 rover of course but also my LEICA GS14 and GS18 via Ntrip I try but I get 0.200mm 3D precision the RS2 base output message is 1008,1033,1006,1074,1084,1094,1124,1230, respectively, and my LEICA GS14/18
output is 1004,1006,1008,1012,1013,1033,1230

if someone can resolve it for me

Thanks very much

Hi Jason,

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If you want to use the Leica receiver as a rover and Reach RS2 as a base, you may need to turn on legacy RTCM3 messages in the Base settings:

1004 and 1012 are exactly part of RTCM 3.1 messages (GPS/GLONASS only) that the Leica rover may require.

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