RS2 base /Rover used with Topcon, Leica, machine control systems

I recently purchased a RS2 base/rover setup and would very much like to figure how to use it with a gnss machine control system to save the money on buying their base/rover. I am also wanting to find a school / classes i could take to learn how set everything up?
Any ideas would be very helpful?

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What brand of machine control? Are you running 900MHz or 450MHz?

Hi Jason,

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First, you need to set up an RTK link between your base and rover. You can use LoRa radio for transmitting correction messages from the base to the rover. Our Base and rover setup guide covers all the steps for this configuration.

Then you need to configure Reach to send its position to the onboard machine control software. It’s necessary to check what type of connection this system can accept. Usually, you can set Reach to stream its position to this system via Bluetooth or serial (USB, RS-232) in NMEA format.

We don’t provide classes for this but we’ve got online docs that explain how you can tweak Reach’s settings. These guides should be of great help. We’re always here to provide any necessary guidance so you can reach out to us any time with any questions!

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