RS2 Base Mode setup with Ntrip


i have 2 brand new RS2. They should works Basestation and provide corretion data with Ntrip over the interated modem.

But i have some problems with the setup.

Base mode: on
correction output: Ntrip
Adress: Localhost   - is this right?
port: 9001
password: **** ;)
Mountpoint: Testpoint

But what is with the Username for the password?
Is Localhost the right setting?

And i can’t find the caster in the local wifi network. Its not possible to download the source table with the Mountpoint.

Is there an example Ntrip setup?

best regards,

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Hi welcome.
Start here and then you can use
free service from and forward data to your rover.
And then read this
Both can be on your same local net.

Just be aware not to connect to rtk2go to long/often without having a base sending data, your IP will be banned for X Minutes/hours. No harm will happen, its just a precaution thing for those rovers that tries to ping their ntrip service for ever.

thanks for the quick answer.

I need a Ntrip caster to provide my RTK data to a Rover? Like rtk2go?

REACH RS2 is just a NTRIP Server and sends Data to a Caster. And the Ntrip Client collects the data from the caster.

NTRIP Server —> Caster —> Client

RTK2GO will do the job yes.
You could use snip too but RTK2GO is easier for you now.

If you need a more discrete tool with privacy, youcors is nice

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I have a free CORS network in NY that works fine on the rover but I can’t set it up in base mode because there is no place to enter a user ID

Hi @aerial.image,

May I ask you to clarify your difficulties? Do you want to configure Reach base to transmit the corrections over NTRIP to Reach rover?

Base mode is only for outputting corrections, not for receiving them. For that you need the Correction input tab.

Thanks. I figured it out over the weekend. That was my mistake. I was trying to put the correction into the base tab on the base instead of the correction tab. All set now.


Just trying my own Ntrip station for the first time. Thanks for all the previous guidance to get me going.
Will the RS2 be able to do this using its own 3g . at the moment the hotspot system is a bit complex to leave at a base station for the day.

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Yep, through an ntrip service like rtk2go or youcors.

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