RS2+ base for Leica Rover

Hi, I am looking for a base station for when I am in areas of no mobile range or to simply improve accuracy for certain jobs. Can a RS2+ base be linked with a Leica rover?

You should be able to run the Local NTRIP Caster option in Reachview 3 at that point. Once you turn it on it will show you the NTRIP login info. This is what we do with our rover and drone when data fails. It’s best to have a point with known relatable coordinates but there is also a base shift function if that fits your scenario.


Generally, yes. But I’d suggest checking additionally your Leica rover requirements. Reach RS2+ output corrections in RTCM3 format. Here’s the list of the messages it outputs as a base:

If it’s enough for your Leica rover, everything should work fine.


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