RS2+ Base and RS3 Rover: staking points is way off


Does anyone have an idea why when I stake out a point when using the RS3, the emlid flow app is telling me to move to find the point, but its right in front of me?

I am using Lora base setting and Lora Rover settings. I swapped units from rover to base, base to rover. still the same outcome.

You are going to have to share your Base & RTK & LoRa settings to look at things.

How much is it telling you to move? Have you done a localization?

Hi Julian,

  • What is your workflow? Do you import points and stake out, or do you collect points and stake out? Do you stake out immediately or after a period of time?
  • What is the distance between staked and collected points? Is it centimeters or meters? Please share a screenshot or video of what you see in the application.
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