RS2 base and rover setup- no grey bars

I recently purchased two Reach RS2 units and I am having trouble getting corrections to pass from the base to the rover. I have followed the Quickstart First setup & Base and Rover setup documents available online ([Base and rover setup | Reach RS2/RS2+]). After configuring both the base and the rover, the rover correction input tells me that I am connected to the localhost. However, when I check to see that corrections are passing from the base to the rover, the status tab shows colorful bars but no grey bars. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I am not sure where I went wrong when configuring LoRA.

I have included screenshots of the base and rover setup below. I am working out of Hawaii.



Correction input in Rover ???

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corrections input for the rover was set to match the base

frequency: 902.2 MHz
output power: 20 dBm
air data rate: 9.11 kb/s
correction output format is RTCM3

902.2 not 902.0

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Thank you so much! It works now. Such a simple mistake.

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