RS2 as router

Is it possible to use the RS2 as a wifi router in hotspot mode? I need to have multiple devices (RS2, laptop, GCS of my UAV) on the same network communicating to each other for what I would like to achieve.
Has anyone tried this?

Yes I took an ASUS router and plugged it in inside the tractor cab for all devices.

The RS2 does not have router capability.

Pinging another device, when they are both connected to the RS2 does work. I will investigate this further…

Edit. It seems, that the RS2 does forward traffic between other devices in the network. That´s great!

Very cool, why are the pings so drastically different?

How should I know? Maybe someone from Emlid could answer that.

Hi @Hoehenarbeit ,

It’s possible to connect multiple devices to the receiver’s hotspot. So Reach RS2 with a SIM card can share an internet connection with several devices.

Please note that the range of Reach’s hotspot is several meters only. So it might not be very sufficient for your use case.

Also, we can hardly comment on ping’s changing, as we can hardly predict how 3rd-party devices work with our receivers’ hotspot.

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