Does anyone has experience in CORS establishment and if a RS2 device can be used as a CORS.


Yep, it works just fine.
However, I find that the M2 is easier to use for this usecase, as you can place the antenna itself more optimally with extension wires.
Otherwise you have to become pretty skilled on high ladders.
Be very critical about placement! There should be no obstructions.


Hi Luis,

Don’t see any issues with that, I’d say RS2 is a good choice for it since it’s weatherproof and can be continuously powered through the bottom connector.

Also, we have an Emlid Caster tool that can be of help in this task.

That’s reasonable, too! We have an M2 in our office with an antenna mounted on the roof working 24/7 as a constant base for more than a year already. Works like a charm.


Luis, how many bases do you plan to have up and running?

CORS uses two or more components.

The caster, which Tatiana mentioned, is a GPS receiver in base mode that is transmitting corrections through a NTRIP caster which broadcasts the RTCM (correction data) via internet using a NTRIP caster. Technically, they should name theirs Emlid NTRIP Caster.

In the field, you need another GPS receiver (rover) capable of using a NTRIP client to receive the broadcast corrections.

Emlid’s M2/RS2 is capable of doing either of these functions utilizing the Emlid Caster tool and the built in NTRIP client in either unit. You just have to supply internet access to both the base and the rover.

The reason I say two or more components is there is software ($$$$) that can use multiple base station in a network to give you a network solution instead of a single base solution. This is nice but expensive. As long as your baseline (distance from the rover to the base) doesn’t get extreme, single solution works fine for X/Y (think of them like Lat/Lon or N/S/E/W) data. The farther you are from the base the larger error in Z (elevation or height). Using GPS for grade control in order to maintain a 1/4’ tolerance most manufacturers recommend less than a 2 mile baseline.

One nice thing about Emlid’s caster tool is you do not have to have a permanent IP address for your base. If you were using a computer with stand alone Caster software you either need a fixed IP address or use a DDNS service so the Caster can be reached via the same IP address all the time.

1 base

We´re trying to set a Rs2 as a base, it would be located on an airport. I guess that the data would be saved daily using a RINEX file extension. What is the maximum baseline for the RS2 using ppk and rtk?

Hi Luis,

Sounds good! I think our public Emlid NTRIP Caster should suit you.

I guess that the data would be saved daily using a RINEX file extension.

If you need to change the format or the log split period, you can always do it in the ReachView 3 Logging tab.

What is the maximum baseline for the RS2 using ppk and rtk?

It’s 60 km in RTK and 100 km in PPK.

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