RS2 as base for third party rovers

I am looking to set up RS2 to provide correction to other rovers using the built in LoRa radio to the M+ LoRa radio module outputting RTCM. Has anybody tried this? I expect a Raspberry Pie or Arduino device will need to be in line to provide needed GPIO triggers for programming and to convert TTY to RS232.

Hi @uploadnobody,

Sorry for the delayed response!

LoRa radio is a bit more complicated than other radios used for receiving/transmitting corrections via Serial. I’m afraid it’s not possible to connect the LoRa module directly to other receivers.

I did not expect to be able to connect it directly to another receiver since it is a tty output which needs to be converted to rs232 and the gpio pins on it need to be activated in order to change radio channels. I was curious if anybody had done this before or if I needed to figure it out on my own.

Hi @uploadnobody,

Unfortunately, there’s no ready solution for this. We haven’t tested such a setup. Maybe our users will share their experience with you :hugs:

Got it working good enough to start testing

Reverse engineered the communications to the LORA radio and compared them to the spec sheet for the GlobalSat LM-210H.
Connected the radio to an Arduino Mega board and programmed it so I can change radio channels without being connected to the M1.
Set the Mega to convert the tty serial to RS232. Worked through the MSM only RTCM output (had to update firmware on my Hemisphere R330 and enable msg 1006.)

In the process of testing now, so far looks pretty good.

Hi @uploadnobody,

Please keep us updated on the results of your tests!

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