RS2 and SurvCE integration

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I recently spoke with Carlson SurveCE in reference to EMLID REACH RS2. They mentioned that they do not support the EMLID system. I purchased the EMLID under that presumption. Can you elaborate on this issue?

The EMLID Reach system work very well, and the data collection is very compatible with the output of the NIKON NIVO 2C. The only issue is a collection system for COGO. For example, with a data collector, you can calculate points in the field to find a point. I currently have to Calc data in autocad and then re upload the data in a csv file…unfortunately, some of these collections software are more expensive than the Base and Rover together. They cater to large engineering firms



I think you have to ask the guys behind SurvCE that question instead?

But have you tried just connecting as a generic NMEA device?
Or do you mean a more native experience?

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use microsurvey

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Hi @surielperez83,

You can still configure RS2 to work with SurveCE app over a generic NMEA profile. Reach devices output the standard NMEA messages so that they should work fine with this app.

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