RS2 and Samsung hotspot

For some reason i can’t approach rs2 in hotspot mode with my samsung a50.
Using an old iphone 6 , everything works perfectly fine. I’ve read some posts in this forum, and i can see lots of you have the same issue, i tried most of the possible solutions, but no succes so far…

Hi @dirk-jan,

Please make sure the mobile data option is switched off on your Android smartphone while you connect to the Reach’s hotspot. Do I get it right that you’re working with ReachView 3 app?


Thank’s for your reply.

I work with Reachview 2 and 3, i need Reachview 2 to change talker ID , that doesn’t work in RV3.

If i switch off mobile data i can get a connection for a short time, and then i can’t connect anymore. With an old Iphone it works perfect!


Hi Dirk-Jan,

Would it be possible to share a screen-recording of such behavior? It will help me to understand these connection issues better.

Hi Dirk-Jan,

Did you have a chance to create a screen-recording of this issue? It’d be also helpful if you could share the Full System Report from the unit with me in PM or over the This will help us to check the internal configurations of the unit.

Sorry for my late reply. I bought a new samsung A51 and still the same issue. It connects for a few minutes and then it loses connection. Reach is still in de wifi list, but no connection possible. I saw in this forum that these problems occur more often. With an old iphone it works perfectly, so i use this now.

Works fine on my Samsung S21 Ultra.

Hey everyone,

This issue seems really strange. We’ll try to investigate it with Dirk-Jan further on.

Just wanted to give an update here. We’re still checking what could be the issue with the connection to the Samsung device.

Worked fine with my old Samsung S6. I have since upgraded to a Google Pixel 4a

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to conclude here that we were unable to reproduce this issue during our investigation in the office. We’ve tried several Samsung devices and each time the connection worked fine.

As the connection is stable with an older iOS device, we can conclude that the Reach unit works as expected. This leads us to believe that the issue lies in the Samsung device’s internal networking.

As we can’t be sure how this is handled on the smartphone, there is not much we can be of help with, unfortunately. At the moment, it may be helpful to check if the reset of the network settings can change the behavior.

Thank you!

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