RS2 and RS+ inaccessible after the update

Hi Polina,

I am having the same issues after updating a set of RS+ and RS2. Only on the RS2 was I able to get to the updater panel by :5000. Test 8 failed. All of the units are at this point none responsive. RS+ was updated from the app and RS2 was flashed with 6.4.


Hi Dirk,

Welcome to the forum!

Please download the Full System Repot from the Reach RS2 unit that fails Test 8. This is possible through the Updater page: once any of the tests is failed, there is automatically a button with the suggestion to download the report. The updater page can be accessed at Reach's_IP/updater_panel if you type it in the browser’s address bar.

The report contains information about the internal configurations of the unit. It will help us to gain info on why the failure happened. So please share it with me via PM messages or email.

Regarding Reach RS+, let’s try to understand what happens. First, please describe the LED status of the unit. This will help us to see whether the unit is transmitting the hotspot and whether it passed the Time Sync procedure.

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