RS2 and mission planner

I have a few issues.

The first one is that I cannot get Mission Planner to show the bars, indicating I am getting the stream into mission planner. I have opened TCP, Port 9001. Mission planner shows NMEA messages coming in, but that’s it. I have tried all formats, including ERB, but only NMEA show something coming, but no bars.

The second one is this:

We have 2 GPS units in our rover. The first one is a HERE+, connected to the pixhawk on gps1 and the second GPS is the Emlid M+, connected to Gps2.

RS2 is our base station and is connected to Dolnet (the Thai NTRIP). This way we fly our missions and use PPK to get the required accuracy for the pictures.

We would like to also use RTK to get precision landings.

So the idea is to inject the stream from the RS2 into mission planner (or QGroundControl) and use the HERE+ for RTK on the rover. The reason being is I just do not want to disturb the M+ and let him do his PPK job.

Our missions are quite far out, sometimes 20Km or more, and we loose the connection. But because we only want to use the RTK for landing, that should not be a problem.

Is this possible and if yes, how to setup this combination?

I’ve tried almost everything, but I cannot get is to work. Maybe it’s just impossible or maybe I do something wrong.

Well, I made a mistake in the settings. It’s working now. :smile:

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Hi Verloop,

Great to know everything works for you now! Thanks for sharing an update :slight_smile:

Could you please elaborate on what you changed in the settings? I believe It’d be helpful for other users to check it.

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