RS2 and M2 are not connected causing the drone to crash

Hi everyone,

I have an agriculture drone that uses Ardupilot and Emlid. But when M2 on the drone (rover) does not get a correction from RS2 (base). The drone becomes uncontrollable. Can when the drone not get a coordinate correction from RS2 and switch automatically to GPS Here? how do set it up?

Thank you

Hi @foom_oxva,

We usually recommend using M2 as the second GPS for this reason. You may refer to this guide to learn how to integrate Reach with ArduPilot as a second unit.

If you encounter issues with the integration along the way, please feel free to reach out and we’ll help you figure it out!

We already follow this method.
GPS 1: Pixhawk Here
GPS 2 : M2

but when m2 does not get a signal from RS2, the drone immediately goes down. Do you have another way to solve this?

We suspect there may be an issue with the telemetry link between your drone and its controller which is responsible for sending and receiving important data during flight. If this telemetry link isn’t working properly, it could lead to issues while your drone is in the air, possibly causing it to crash, which would result in Reach losing corrections from the base.

Please double-check your hardware setup. Ensure all components are correctly connected and configured, with special attention to the telemetry system.

Can’t we solve it in another way? When M2 and RS2 are not connected, it can be backed up by GPS Here+

Have you attempted a drone flight without using Reach M2, and if so, did the drone become uncontrollable?

It’s also worth trying to connect M2 and RS2 via LoRa instead of telemetry. This can be a good alternative if you have issues with the telemetry link.

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