RS2+ and Husqvarna 450EPOS

Does anyone know about these new Husqvarna Robotic mowers if they can run RTK off of an rs2+. When you buy the mower your supposed to buy the $800 RTK antenna. Well when I already have a base station, sure be nice to utilize that instead of having to buy another base. I’ve researched these RTK mowers but can’t come up with any specs on the RTK.

Hi @FarmerMP,

Husqvarna defines this technology as Husqvarna EPOS, and its description looks similar to standard Base and Rover RTK setup. However, they indeed don’t mention any specs revealing which communication channel is used for passing on corrections and which corrections type they support.

If you could ask the supplier of this equipment for certain specs and share it here or privately, I can check whether such integration is feasible.

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