RS2+ and emlid caster - canopy - not fixing

As stated above i could not get the RS2+ to fix under the canopy as shown in the pictures below:

The RS2+ was mounted on a 4 meter rod and still no fixes.
I am trying out these receivers in anticipation of replacing my Topcon Hyper V receivers but as of this date, i have not been able to get consistent fixes with the rs2+ compared to my Topcon Hiper V’s.
Is there anybody out ther that has similar findiings…


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To get a head start, you might want to email the FULL SYSTEM report to to make sure your settings are good.

Are the TOPCONS also L5 not just L1 and L2? The L5 receivers apparently do much better in these conditions.

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i believe they are only L1 & L2…will take your advice and do a test tomorrow and send off to emlid…thanks

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And if you are comfortable posting your log-files publicly, you could share a set of them here. Maybe someone will look at them and offer comments or find clues in the data.


Just wanted to confirm here that I got logs and a report from Ken. I’ll take a look at them and get back to you later.

Any luck???

Needles to say…but i am getting concerned about my issues…i am truly hoping that i may receive a report that will solve my problems…very soon…i have the equipment on loan and will have to send it back and not purchase, if i do not hear from you… thanks


Here’s the log from the base:

Here’s the log from the rover:

The base contains more prominent red markers: these are called cycle slips. A cycle slip occurs when the signal is delayed or interrupted, and Reach loses track of the satellite. I can see from the photos that the base is directly under the power lines. This can cause significant RF interference. Since there are a lot of trees, the rover is also in pretty tough conditions. I suggest trying to move the base from under the power lines and checking if the solution will improve.


thanks for getting back to me…you may have a point about the power line…i agree will have some effect…however i have tried this elsewhere and the results are not great at all…can you look at the settings for my mountpoints, to see if i am trying to access the correct sats etc…

That will definitely cause issues. Never place base under these or nearby if at all possible. You’d have to fight it with the rover or use a total station of no way around it.

As a test, I’d try the TOPCONs in the same locations too.

Could also be settings, therefore the FULL system report to be looked at.

You may need to look at much pricier L1 L2 L5 + options if you are not finding the results you need. There is a limit depending on what your budget is. Prior to Emlid, you wouldn’t even have this lower cost option which is why Emlid is so popular.


thanks for your reply…i sent the system report…besides the power line issue, which i agree…i have asked that they check the mount point settings for the sats etc…hopefully they will get back to me…

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If you see “Receiving corrections” in the Emlid Flow application and get a Float solution, it means that the NTRIP has been successfully connected and the corrections are being transmitted. With the photos and logs you provided from the NTRIP Caster setup, we believe that moving a base may improve the solution. It is difficult to comment on the NTRIP Topcon_RTCM3 setup as we don’t have logs from it. But if you’re able to record logs and pass them to us, we can take a look at them as well.