RS2 and Carlson SurvCE Issues

Hello I have a pair of RS2s and a Carlson Surveyor 2 data collector (SurvCE). I’ve combed through the forums and seen that some people have gotten the RS2s to work fine with SurvCE, others not so much. I fall into the not so much category.

The issue seems to be something with the Bluetooth connection. I have gotten it to connect multiple times and once its connected it seems to work fine, but lately SurvCE is refusing to connect to my rover. It will not even show up on the available devices list to connect to Bluetooth. I’ve triple checked my Bluetooth settings on both devices and have no idea why it’s not working.

I’m attempting to run a base/rover setup with my base receiving NTRIP corrections via sim card, and outputting them via LoRa to my rover. I can get them to communicate fine in the Reachview 3 App, but I cannot get the rover to connect to my Surveyor 2 data collector via bluetooth.

Has anyone run into this issue? If you have a RS2 setup with Carlson SurvCE working properly and care to share your settings/setup procedure, that would be great. Thank you

Hi Josh,

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We’ve just released firmware update 28.2. The stability of the Bluetooth connection was improved. You can read our guide to learn how to update Reach. It may help with your Carlson Surveyor 2.

Do you have an Android device? We need a test of the Bluetooth connection with the Lebefure NTRIP client to investigate the issue. We have a detailed guide describing the process.

Hi Kirill,

I’m checking for updates on my RS2s and it says I am up to date with version 28.1. How do I get 28.2?

Hi Josh,

You need to connect Reach to the Internet to update the firmware. Then you’ll see a suggestion for updating Reach firmware to 28.2. You can read our guide to learn how to do it.

Hey Josh,

Did the firmware update solve your problem? I was curious which version of SurvCe you were running. I remember a number of years back Carlson had Emlid on their list of supported GNSS hardware. If I remember correctly, they listed V5 and later releases as being supported. Currently, Emlid is not even listed

Hi Beartow,

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Carlson indeed delisted us from its software. However, you can connect Reach as a generic NMEA device to work with SurvCE. This video from our dealer can be of help.

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Thanks Kirill, that was my next question; if setting it up as a generic NMEA device

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