RS2+ and bluetooth connection with DJI M300

Can someone explain the setup process for connecting the RS2+ via vbluetooth rather than wifi. I can’t get it to work with as a base station (local network) with my DJI M300. What’s the workflow?

If you’re trying to send corrections to your M300 over BT I don’t know if there is a simple way to accomplish that. However we have a video guide on setting up your receiver as a base for your drone.


Hi Ian,

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If you’d like to stream corrections from your Reach RS2+ base to your drone, it’s not possible via Bluetooth. You can use local NTRIP or Emlid Caster instead—both setups are described in this guide from our docs.

Would either be an option for you? Feel free to bring up any questions regarding these workflows.

Thanks for letting me know. So what’s the purpose of the bluetooth function?

Hi Ian,

The Bluetooth connection - BLE - is for connecting to Reach in Emlid Flow. When working with multiple devices, it’s easier to switch between them via Bluetooth than via their own hotspots.