RS2 along roads?

Anyone here used their RS2 units in RTK mode to measure points along a road with houses/trees on both sides? What are your results? What are your accuracies in both horizontal and vertical? Thinking of using the RS2 for a road survey and wanted to get feedbacks. Thanks.

I think you will find that “milage may vary” greatly in conditions where you have buildings and so blocking 60% or more of your sky-view. One measurement might be ok, but another one close to it 30 minutes later might be unusable.

This is because the satellites continuously move. When you know you will be working in a marginal environment, use a GNSS predictor to find a good timeslot for a given measurement. Preferably find one that allow you put in obstructions to further mimic your local conditions.

I can recommend this one for the basics:
and this one which includes the possibility for introducing obstructions:


Thanks for the links.

We just finished testing an RS2 for use very much like this in a utility setting. In the open with local Ntrip/RTK corrections we are getting 1cm accuracy but in partial treecover or very near a house or taller building our correction tends to go to float and we see 30-40cm.

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