RS+ won't connect

I spent 3.5 hours last night (and another 3.5 tonight) trying to get my (2) new RS+ units to connect to my phone.

I used the re-flash tool. Both units send wi-fi out but will not connect to my phone.

I tried multiple different phones (both android and iPhone) with no luck.

I am very frustrated, as I now have waste 7 hours and a bunch of money to have fancy paper weights.

Help please!



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Blue led blink or continuous?

Hi Mark,

I’d expand @lipisoftware question a bit. What are all the LED statuses of Reach RS+?

I have an assumption that your Reach RS+ may not have passed the time sync. In this case, their green LED should be blinking slowly. Most likely, it’s the reason why they’re not available in ReachView 3.

To let the devices pass the time sync, please put them near the window so they can have a clear sky view. This process usually takes not more than 2 minutes. As a result, the green LED should become solid, and the devices should become available in the app.

All the LED’s were solid. It shows the unit(s) but when I go to connect to them, it tells me to change the network, then says can’t connect.


I see that the issue persists on 2 units simultaneously. That’s why it seems to be more like a configuration issue than a hardware-related one. But to understand it better, we need to pass through some troubleshooting steps first. Anyway, we’ll find a solution.

We’re already communicating with you via email. I’ve answered you there as we need more info from you, which may be sensitive.

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