RS+ with NTRIP 100' off from Google Earth Pro

Hello everyone,
New here and new to the game.
One question, elevation? I have two RS+ units, base is receiving corrections from NTRIP from 2.2 Kilometers away. I have set this spot up many times and always get the same numbers, 718.791 meters or 2358.23 ft.
Google earth pro says elevation is about 100ft. higher. Any concerns??

Thanks for any input!

Don’t use Google Earth as a reliable source. Take your units to a known benchmark instead.


If I am not wrong Google Earth use EGM96 as Geoid to calculate elevation, So If you use Third party application that supporting this Geoid and take your base to a know benchmark like Christian said you will not far from 2 m of difference comparing with Google Earth elevation.


THANKS, just looking for true elevation

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